O Primeiro grande computador foi programado por seis mulheres, verdade ou mentira?

4 vícios profissionais (e como se livrar deles)
7 de junho de 2013
8 de julho de 2013

Aposto que muito marmanjo não sabia disso eim! texto abaixo. Outra curiosidade,  a primeira pessoa a desenvolver um algoritmo para uma máquina também foi uma mulher: Ada Lovelace em 1842.

Seria isso verdade?

Together We Can Change History

“None of us girls were ever introduced…we were just programmers.”
Kay Mauchly Antonelli, ENIAC Programmer, The Computers: The Untold Story of the Remarkable Women Who Programmed the ENIAC (Documentary Preview), 2001

Sixty years ago, six young women programmed the world’s first all-electronic computer, the ENIAC. Their ballistics program used hundreds of wires and 3000 switches. Never introduced, they never became a part of history. Forty years later, Kathy Kleiman was told that the women in pictures with ENIAC (1946) were “Refrigerator Ladies,” models posed in front of the machine.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The ENIAC Programmers worked tirelessly to make programming easier for all. They created the first sort routine, software application and instruction set, and classes in programming. Their work dramatically altered computing in the 1940s and 1950s. They paved the path to the modern software industry.

The ENIAC Programmers Project records the stories, seeks recognition for their accomplishments and seeks to produce the first feature documentary about this dramatic story.

You can help. If we raise the money now, we can produce the ENIAC Programmers documentary NOW, while the ENIAC Programmers are still with us. This is an effort funded by individuals worldwide, throughdonations large and small. It’s not easy, but together we can change history.

The ENIAC Programmers’ story changes forever how we look at computer history. It inspires young women, and young men, to believe that computing careers lie within their reach.

Thank you,
Kathy Kleiman
Founder of the ENIAC Programmers Project


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